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About Us

Unique Engineering Company

Where engineering meets performance

Experience the difference of our visionary approach as we provide cutting-edge solutions through our premium quality bearings.


Our Story

Unique Engineering Company, a place where many people find answers to their problems, a place where business relations and bonding is first priority, a place where you find the best product with quality and offers, a place where quality is priority, a place where cost of product is always pocket friendly, a place where quality is never compromised.

A company which started its career 28 years ago, as a newbie in industrial supplier market.

With zero experience but with a vision to provide industrial sector the highest grade of quality, so that they need not to worry about future developement.

All we knew was the way, but how to execute everything and show the industries our vision was our greatest challenge.

Industries have been relying on renowned brands for a long time before we stepped foot. The only thing they know is old is gold, but do you really think that in this era of technological evolution old is gold?

As our first step in market, we decided to do a research of the cost of making a bearing and at what cost is it selling. After days and months of intense research we found out the cost at which they are made are way lower then what it is selling for, its not the quality that industries compromises with, its the price at which they have to compromise.

In 21st century the reality is, now quality doesn’t have to be expensive, quality is available at cheap rates, because quality has always been always available at lower rates we just didn’t know it.

Our sole vision and mission is to spread this knowledge across globe so that industries can rely on quality at budget friendly rates.


Our Clients

Our Aim For Every Industry


At Unique Engineering Company (UEC), our mission is to revolutionise the bearing industry by building unbreakable relationships with customers and providing them with the highest quality bearings at incredibly affordable prices. We strive to be a model of excellence, setting new standards for technical accuracy and ensuring that customer satisfaction remains our top priority.


Our vision at UEC is to be the undisputed leader in the bearing industry, known for our fierce commitment to building long-term relationships with our valued customers. We envision a future where quality bearings are available to everyone, and we overcome the barriers to affordability without compromising excellence. Through relentless innovation and a relentless drive to exceed expectations, we aim to reshape the industry landscape and be the go-to for customers looking for exceptional bearings at affordable prices.

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