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UEC Pillow Block Bearings

Ideal for Industrial Machinery

A reliable choice for a variety of industrial machines that require precise shaft alignment.

Robust Support for Machinery

UEC’s Pillow Block Bearings, proudly made in India, are designed to provide reliable and robust support for rotating shafts with superior ease of installation. These bearings are housed in a pillow block, which provides a stable and secure base for heavy-duty performance.

Easy Maintenance




Designed for quick setup and easy access for maintenance, saving time and reducing downtime.

Key Features

Sturdy Housing

The pillow block, made of high-quality cast iron or stainless steel, ensures durability and strength.

Conveying Systems

Ideal for roller and belt conveyors in material handling systems.

Versatile Shaft Support

Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, accommodating various shaft sizes.

Agricultural Machinery

​Provides dependable support for farm equipment under rugged conditions.

Self-aligning Design

​​The self-aligning capability allows for flexibility and tolerance to misalignment, which is common in many applications.

Fan and Blower Systems

Ensures smooth operation of fans and blowers in HVAC systems.

Ideal Applications

Why Choose UEC Pillow Block?

Trust UEC’s Pillow Block Bearings for unparalleled performance and reliability. Manufactured in India, our bearings offer premium quality and affordability, tailored to enhance your machinery's efficiency and lifespan.

Contact us today to learn more about how our bearings can support your needs.

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