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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Variety of Designs

​​Available in single-row configurations such as N, NJ, NU, and NUP, catering to diverse application needs.

Elevate Your Efficiency

Experience unparalleled efficiency with UEC's Cylindrical Roller Bearings, proudly made in India and designed to enhance machine performance by up to 80%. Crafted with precision using high-grade rollers and premium materials, these bearings ensure durability and peak performance.

Excellence & Innovation


Discover how UEC Cylindrical Roller Bearings can transform your operations by ensuring higher productivity and reduced maintenance costs. They are also manufactured in India, which gives them the added assurance.

Key Features

Reliable & Long-lasting

UEC's cylindrical bearings: handle extreme loads & heat in steel mills. Ideal for high speeds & harsh environments.

Industrial Machinery

Enhance the operation of transmissions, automated presses, and more.

Heavy Load Capacity

​Perfectly suited for handling heavy radial loads. Engineered for high-speed applications without compromising on stability.

Power Generation

Essential in electric motors, compressors, and pumps.

Simplified Installation

Designed for easy mounting with the ability to fit inner and outer rings independently, facilitating quicker and hassle-free setup.


Reliability for locomotive traction motors and axle boxes.

Ideal Applications

Why UEC Prime's Bearings?

At UEC, we are committed to providing advanced engineering solutions that drive progress in industries worldwide. Our cylindrical roller bearings are a testament to this commitment, delivering superior performance that our clients depend on.

Contact us today to learn more about how our bearings can support your needs.

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