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Product range

Presents to You a wide range of all types of bearings. 

A range which will help you and your industry to work more efficiently at a pocket friendly pricing.


Spherical Roller Bearings

UEC’s Spherical roller bearings comes in a wide range of series with a quality which withstand any radial loads, with a cost so minimilistic that it will make you think.

Spherical roller bearings have barrel-shaped rollers and are non-separable double-row radial bearings.

  • Extremely effective alignment compensation

  • Suited to heavy radial loads

  • Ratings for slow to medium speed

  • 21300, 22200, 22300, 23000, 23100, 23200, 23900, 24000, 24100 are the numbers in the series.

  • Application instances

  • Large equipment ( and mining machines)

  • Rolling casters

  • Tool boxes

UEC’s Cylindrical Roller Bearings are designed in such a way, when used in machine, the efficiency increases by 80%. As we use high grade roller with a best quality grade material.

the following are some salient characteristics of UEC's cylindrical roller bearings:

  • Single-row (design variants N,NJ,NU and NUP)

  • 2. Appropriate for heavy radial loads

  • High ratings for speed

  • due to the ability to fit inner and outer rings independently, mounting is simple.Application instances

  • Industrial transmissions

  • Automated presses

  • Electric motors

  • Compressors and pumps

  • Locomotive traction motors and axle boxes

  • Steel factories

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

UEC’s Taper roller bearing consist of An inner ring, an outer ring, and tapered rolling parts make up this kind of bearing. Tapered roller bearings can resist combined loads due to the geometry of their design (axial and radial). Additionally, this design enables rolling motion without the rollers coming off the tracks of the outer and inner rings.

Variable contact angles between the tapered roller bearings and the rolling tracks offset the application's axial and radial loading ratio; the capacity to tolerate axial loads increases with increasing angle.

A wide variety of tapered roller bearings from UEC feature removable components that enable simple application adjustments.

These are the most typical uses for this bearing type:

  • Wheel hubs for light-duty, heavy-duty, and agricultural vehicles

  • Transmissions (gearboxes and differentials)

  • Machine tool spindles

Taper Roller Bearings

The ball bearing made by UEC is a particular kind of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to keep the inner and outer moving components of the bearings apart. A ball bearing's main functions are to support radial and axial loads and lessen rotational friction. Ball bearings have a straightforward design, are reliable in use, and are simple to maintain. They come in open and sealed varieties as well as single and multiple row styles. They are appropriate for high speeds since they have a low frictional torque.

The most simple yet widely used bearing is UEC's ball bearings:

1. Fit for extremely fast rotational speeds

2. Suitable for moderately high radial and axial stresses in either direction

3. Different types of seals and grease are available for various working circumstances.

4. A variety of clearance and tolerance classes are offered for various operating circumstances.

5. Thin-ring: 61800, 61900; Series: 600, 6000, 6200, 3400, 1600

6. Application illustrations:

  • Electrical motors

  • General machinery

  • Gearboxes for Industry

  • Pumps

  • Agricultural equipment

Ball Bearings

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